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Today is Walter's 50th birthday. Despite of his knowledge, he's just a high school chemistry proffesor and he also works at a car wash. He's been diagnosed with lung cancer and he will start selling methamphetamine to earn some money for his family


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Pilot is the first episode of this great series called Breaking Bad, in which we'll meet Walter White, a chemist over-trained for his job as a high school teacher. This episode shows us his 50th birthday, and we'll feel pity about his life: a routinary and boring marriage, a job where he doesn't get the respect he deserves, and another gig at a car-wash to earn the money his family needs.

This situation will change drastically, as Walt has cancer and he's about to die. After joining his brother in law called Hank (who's also a DEA agent) raiding a methamphetamine lab, he sees one of his students fleeing from the spot. Walt knows about the large amounts of money that involves the drug business, so he proposes Jesse Pinkman to start cooking this drug.

Soonly, they buy a RV and start cooking meth in the desert, with Walt knowledge and the school's materials. They'll meet Krazy 8, their first dealer, and we're sure that intense emotions are about to reach the two of they.

Curious facts: Originally, Walt was going to be 40, but the show's production thought he was too young for the crisis he faced. On the other hand, the DEA isn't allowed to carry civil personnel inside their cars. In the last place, did you realize that the both of Jesse and Walt were first presented in their underwears?

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