1x6: Crazy Handful of Nothin'

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Walter starts to cook again while taking the chemotherapy. Meanwhile, Hank visits Walter's school to investigate about a mask found in the middle of the desert


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Crazy Handful of Nothin' is another great episode of this first season. We'll see Walt at a chemotherapy session, and making arrangements to disguise the fact that he's paying the treatment with drug money and not with the colaboration of Elliot.

After, Walt meets Jesse and tells him that they need a bigger dealer to make the money he needs. Pinkman will talk about Tuco Salamanca, one of the most powerful and dangerous dealers of the territory. As they decide to work with Salamanca, Jesse meets hims and delivers a batch of meth, but Tuco steals the products and beats Jesse really hard.

Because of this, Walt shaves his head and goes to Tuco's place. "Heisenberg" is the name Walter decides to carry during his play at the drug business, so he introduces himself to Tuco, and leaves a bag full of crystals next to Salamanca. Tuco laughs after Heisenberg demands him $50000 because of the stolen batch and the injuries of his partner, but he accepts the offer when Walt tells him that the bag doesn't contain meth but a powerful explosive.

Curious fact: In this chapter we'll know the pseudonym of Walter, inspired by the person of Werner Heisebeng, a german physicist known by his contribution to quantic physics.

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