2x1: Seven Thirty-Seven

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Walter and Jesse get frightened after seeing Tuco's reaction to one of his mates. Meanwhile, Skyler keeps avoiding Marie


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Seven Thirty-Seven is the first episode of the second season of this series, and the eight episode overall. This number is the result of Walt's calculations about the necessary money to cover his treatment's cost and the future of his family ($737.000)

The action resumes where the previous season ended, at the meeting between Tuco's people and Heisenberg's. After one of Tuco's minions talked without permission, Salamanca bashes him violently, leaving him agonizing. Walt wil perform CPR on this man but he will finally die. This disturbing situation will make Walter to fight with Skyler, as Jesse decides to buy a gun. Finally, Walter has the idea to syntesize a poison called ricin to kill Salamanca.

Meanwhile, Skyler refuses to talk to her sister, so Hank visits her. Back at work, Gomez will show Schrader the tape where the storehouse thiefs were recorded, and Hank wishes they capture them before the people from Juárez.

Curious facts: The name of the episode also refers to the plane crash which remains we see at the beginning of the episode. On the other hand, did you notice something odd during Hank and Walt's phonecall?

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