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This is the Breaking Bad's second season finale. Are you ready to watch the whole episode? It will blow your mind


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ABQ is the last episode of Breaking Bad's season two. This title refers to the code used by the Albuquerque Airport.

Jesse wakes up and finds Jane dead by his side, so he desperately calls Walt to tell him what happened, and decides to disappear. Walt will call Saul, who sends his "cleaner" called Mike to erase all traces of Jesse at the crime scene.

On the other hand, Walt Jr. gains mediatic attention as his website for donations had great success. Meanwhile, Walt reveals Skyler he has another cellphone, as he's under the effects of anesthesia. Skyler will soonly realize more lies on Walt's behaviour, so she decides to abandon him.

Finally, Jane's dad is through great pain because of his daughter's death, and because a distraction of his, ends causing a plane crash, which remains fall all over Albuquerque.

Curious fact: The beginning of several episodes of this season showed flashforwards refering to this episode. If we get all the titles together we can form the phrase: "Seven Thirty-Seven Down Over ABQ"

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