2x8: Better Call Saul

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Badger gets arrested and Jesse and Walter must deal with it. As a solution, they both take Saul Goodman as their new lawyer


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Better Call Saul is a an important episode of this season, as we meet a relevant character in the story from now on. 

In this episode, Jesse and Walt must deal with the situation of Badger, one of their dealers, being held by the local police. Because of this, they must hire a mediatic and obscure lawyer called Saul Goodman, who's able to free Badger in an absolutely confidential way.

In the meantime, after what happened in Juárez, Hank returns to his office as a DEA agent and must face the traumas because of what he experienced. Walt will visit him and cheer him to continue with his work.

Curious facts: this is the first time tha Saul Goodman appears with a protagonic role. Did you know that Bob Odenkirk, the actor in charge of the character, doesn't know what he says while talking in spanish?

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