3x1: No Más

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Skylers considers getting divorced from Walter as she discovered his meth business. Meanwhile, Jesse is going out from rehab


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No Más is the first episode of the third season of Breaking Bad. Albuquerque is under a state of shock because of the plane accident we saw in the previous episode. Skyler has left the house, waiting for Walter to pack up and move somewhere else. Moreover, she contacted a lawyer to get things together for divorcing.

Meanwhile, Jesse is at a rehabilitation clinic to give up his adiction and move forward, in spite of the deep remorse he feels because of the guilt of Jane's death, and the plane crash that caused.

While arguing with Skyler, Walt will reveal that he produced methamphetamine, but he's out from the business. Later, he'll meet Gus to tell him about his decision, but Fring has another idea and proposes him to make an agreement with huge amounts of money. Walt is unaware that Heisenberg's fame reached México, and two men from the Cartel are already in USA to end his career.

Curious facts: In the scene when Walt burns the money, Bryan Cranston was actually on fire. On the other hand, the actresses credited as "Sad Faced Girl" and "Emotional Woman" are the daughter and wife of Cranston.

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