3x13: Full Measure

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The relation between Gus and Walter gets to a dramatic point. Third season finale! No more spoilers!


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Full Measure ends the third season of Breaking Bad. In this episode, Walt meets in the desert with a pissed off Gus, that can't deal with the irregular behavior of Jesse and the risks he puts everybody at. Because of his disappearance, Gale will continue working at the superlab with Walter.

Secretly, Gus plans to get Gale ready to cook by himself, to get rid of Walter, Jesse and all the troubles they carry. When Gale's asked by Gus about the time he needs to learn the recipe perfectly, he reveals that is quite short. Walter is aware of the danger that implies Gale knowing to cook, so he communicates with Jesse and gives him the order to put a bullet in Gale's head.

Do you think that Jesse can fulfil Walt's request?

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