3x7: One Minute

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Jesse gets injured after fighting witk Hank and he shows Walt all his anger. In that way, Walter takes Jesse as the new cook


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One Minute is one of the most thrilling episodes of the season, so we like to share you the main events that occur.

Hank's furious because of the lie Jesse told him, that Marie was in the hospital, so he goes to Pinkman's house and bashes him out. After, Walt and Saul meet Jesse and resolve what to do: Hank's professional future could be in danger.

Moments later, Walt meets Skyler, who demands him to take care of his family in the first place, and not his business. Later, Walt tells Gus the new conditions to make him cook again: Jesse must be back.

The most important moment of the episode consists in the scene when Hank goes shopping to purchase a gift for Marie and he receives a phone call telling him to leave the place because he will get killed. When he's about to jump into his car, the two mysterious men from Juárez appear.

Curious fact: Did you notice something in the opening scene? Héctor Salamanca is sitting in a wooden chair, foreshadowing the wheelchair he's using in the present. We'll see clearly that the Tio doesn't like Gus Fring at all.

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