4x10: Salud

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Jesse, Gus and Mike fly to Mexico to do some cooking-related tests. Meanwhile, Walter Jr. spends his birthday without his father and Skyler finds something odd in Ted Beneke's accounts


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Salud is one of the most important episodes of the season, so we'll tell you the main events that happen.

Saul's not sure about Skyler's plan, who wants to help Ted with his enormous debt with White's drug money. Beneke affirms to know nothing about this great-aunt but accepts the false heritage without doubting.

On the other hand, Jesse, Gus and Mike meet in Mexico, where Jesse is tested by the Cartel to be their employee. After being insulted because of his little knowledge about chemistry, he stands still and starts giving orders to the lab's crew. In spite of the tense moments, the purity of Jesse's meth is enough to please the Cartel.

The next step will be introducing Jesse to their new bosses, so they go to Don Eladio's mansion, the house of the leader of the Cartel. After an intense conversation, the two capos close an arrangement with a toast: "Salud!"

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