4x13: Face Off

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Fourth season finale! "Face Off" will show how things must be done when you have a great sum of power. No spoilers!


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Face Off is the last episode of the fourth season of Breaking Bad, and one of the most important of the whole series. We'll see Jesse being investigated by two detectives, because of the intoxication of Brock. Later, he speaks with Saul and shares him the information he could get: Gus Fring frequently visits Héctor Salamanca at his nursery house. On the other hand, when Salamanca's interrogated by the DEA, Tyrus informs Gus that suspects on him.

Moments later, Gus enters into Héctor's place and starts insulting him, so the Tío rings repeatedly his bell, activating an explosive that blows the entire room. "I won" is what Walt answers when Skyler asks him about the death at the nursery house.

Curious fact: Have you seen the similarity between Gus and Batman's villain, Two-Faces? We thinks it's a poetical way to refer to Fring's double life.

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