5x1: Live Free or Die

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This episode starts with a flashforward to Walt's 52th birthday. He's scruffy and has a forged driver license. Moreover, the story continues after Gus death


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This episode called Live Free or Die starts the fifth and last season of this series. During a flashforward, we'll see a scruffy Walter cheering himself because of his 52nd birthday, but there's no joy in his face.

Resuming last season's action, Walt is glad because of getting rid of Gus, but must face an upset Skyler that's frightened by his own husband. Suddenly, Walt remembers something and rushes out of his house, in order to destroy the only evidence that could spoil the whole operation.

Riding through the desert, Walt and Jesse bump into Mike that gunpoints them, making Walt to explain him the fact of the recording that could involve them in the illicit association. In the meantime, the DEA's already in Fring's lab, picking up some recordings and a computer that could be the key of the case.

Walt's idea is brilliant, as he develops a plant to get rid of the evidence through destroying them without entering the police building, using an electromagnetic device.

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